Klaveness & Co is focused on the re-positioning of well specified OSV’s and other commercial vessel types into the leisure expedition/exploration market, as well as to technically sympathetic alternative commercial markets.  

The companys focus is on dynamic or growing markets where the unique capabilities of converted OSV’s and other vessel types can be put to good use.

Re-positioning is achieved by Klaveness & CO either acquiring vessels directly for conversion in its own name, or by working in partnership with existing vessel owners or stakeholders to convert their vessels to operate in new markets.   

The Klaveness & Co approach is not suitable for all vessel types or for all vessel owners, but for those for whom it is suitable, it represents an opportunity to access a significantly better return from their asset than is possible in many shipping markets. 

Whether it be an outright purchase of a vessel ‘as is’ or a co-venturing partnership, all agreements between Klaveness & Co and the vessel owner or vessel buyer are fully customized to the specific circumstances of each individual and are entirely confidential.

Please contact us directly to explore what Klaveness & Co can do for you.