The Klaveness & Co offering enables vessel owners to considerably improve upon the realisable proceeds from selling their vessel for continued operations in its pre-conversion market - whilst simultaneously offering leisure expedition vessel buyers generally more capable and technically well specified alternatives to new-build expedition capable super-yachts at an attractive price-point.  

Klaveness & Co has the networks and experience to source, acquire, and convert, suitable commercial vessels to address exciting opportunities in the growing luxury expedition market, and the cornerstone of the company’s offering is that the transition process from commercial vessel to leisure expedition vessel will be achieved without undue inconvenience or significant up-front cost to the vessel's owners.

The company deploys commercial shipping industry best-practice in naval architecture, yard selection, ECA funding, optimising revenue opportunities, and partnering/co-investment to achieve the above, with Klaveness & Co personnel being experienced marine people who have been at the sharp end of creating and managing diverse shipping related projects and fixing vessel incomes from multiple sources for many years, and then subsequently supporting the resulting long-term marine operations.

Our commercial objectives are (1) to ensure that a commercial vessel owner committing to a market changing conversion would receive a considerable uplift on the current (pre-conversion) market value of their asset, and (2) that a prospective expedition vessel buyer would receive a higher level of rugged technical capability and autonomy than is routinely available in ‘expedition capable’ super-yachts at a considerably lower cost per linear metre.

Longevity through reliable systems, technical excellence, and a proven income generative capability are accepted value enhancers in super-yachting as in all shipping markets – thereby giving expedition related charter brokers a solid platform on which to base an expedition vessel's marketing campaign, and also the owner's selling broker an added attractive dimension to the instruction when the time comes to sell the vessel..

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